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Panicum maximum / White Buffalo Gatton, Mombasa and Aruana / Goats Fodder / Cattle Forage / Sheep Grazing!

Panicum maximum / White Buffalo Gatton, Mombasa and Aruana.

Sowing Rate: 10kg per hectare.
Planting Time: September to March (Southern Hemisphere.)
Panicum maximum / White Buffalo Gatton is the commonly sold variety in SA, but a few varieties from Brazil - Mombasa and Aruana (frost resistant) - are high yielding, high protein varieties that are sure to become very popular around Southern Africa.

In general Panicum is quite sensitive to frost, but Aruana can tolerate frost especially if mixed with other frost tolerant grasses.

Gatton grows up to 2.5m in height, Mombasa up to 1.5m and Aruana is a much lower growing varieties (less than 1m), perfect for sheep!

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