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Annual Rye Grass Seed (Lolium multiflorum) - For lawn / forage / fodder / pasture / grazing!

Annual Ryegrass / Westerwold Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) seed
Varieties: Westerworld, Passerel, Burgundy, Captain, Passerel Plus, Betta, Drummer, Melmondo, Mendoza, PermaMAX

Sowing rate: 25kg per hectare when planted in rows of +/- 200mm, or 30kg per hectare for full coverage.

Planting time: Sow Annual Rye grass seeds from February to March.

Planting method: Even cultivation of land is beneficial when sowing and weed control is necessary to establish Annual Rye grass.

Fertilization: For Annual Rye (based on soil analysis findings) you would require around 100kg - 250kg of N /ha during winter growing season. Irrigation / rainfall is essential when applying N chemical fertilizers.

Description: Annual Rye grass (Westerwold) is a cool season grass generally used as a temporary planting for overseeding warm or cool season grasses. Its uses are many, including temporary pastures, green manure's, temporary coverage for erosion control, short term use on reclamation sites, parks, new lawns, and along highway shoulders. Annual ryegrass may be seeded with other grass mixtures, legumes, clovers and small grains. Fast germinating, quick growing and requires low to medium fertilization.

Annual Rye Grass Is Eco-Friendly - A compatible growing medium with any vegetation where needed. Annual rye grass is very beneficial to problem areas that are infected with nematodes which are almost impossible to get rid of except by heavy chemical control. Natural and cheap for this infestation problem, annual ryegrass is ecologically friendly. Yearly planting of this rye grass seed ahead, behind, or with crops known to be a nematode favorite would certainly be cost effective. Annual Rye grass is easily removed from any area through heavy grazing, mowing or turning under before the seeding stage. Annual Rye is a non-aggressive, vigorous grower, furnishes nutrients back to the soil, forms an erosion soil basis for stability, highly digestible, beautiful color and dies off when you need it to without chemicals.

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