Hybrid Bermuda – Yukon

Hybrid Bermuda – Yukon grass seed for golf courses, cricket pitches, sports fields etc.

Hybrid Bermuda Yukon Turf / Lawn Grass Seeds

Common Uses:
– Cricket Pitches.
– Golf Courses.
– Athletics / Sports Fields.
– Parks and recreational areas.
– Lawns.

Advantages of Hybrid Bermuda – Yukon Turf / Lawn Grass:
– Outstanding drought tolerance.
– Dark green color.
– Medium fine leaf texture.
– High leaf density.
– Excellent autumn color retention.
– Higher overall turf quality than all commercial seeded varieties.

Bermuda Yukon Maintenance:
Recommended mowing height is 5 to 25 mm with no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade removed per mowing. Full coverage may be attained in 4 to 6 weeks with proper management. Fertilize with 0.25kg to 0.5kg /100 sq metres per month of growing season for optimum performance, fertilization may be reduced by 1/2 if clippings are returned. This is a dense hybrid – verticut at least once per growing season during periods of active growth. Winter overseeding may be completed for year round green color, but is generally not recommended on turf less than 6 months old.