Kikuyu – Whittet / Regal (turf/lawn)

Kikuyu Whittet / Regal Grass Seed (Pennisetum clandestinum) – For turf / lawn grass purposes!

Kikuyu Whittet / Regal (Pennisetum clandestinum) turf / lawn grass seeds

Lawn sowing rate: 5g per sq. metre (plain / uncoated), 8g per sq. metre (coated / pelleted.)

Planting time: Sow Kikuyu Whittet / Regal seeds from September to March.

Planting method: Even cultivation of land is beneficial when sowing and weed control is necessary to establish Kikuyu Whittet grass.

Fertilization: For Kikuyu Whittet (based on soil analysis findings) you would require around 200kg – 250kg of P /ha, 100kg – 150kg of K /ha and 700kg – 800kg of N /ha during summer growing season. Irrigation / rainfall is essential when applying N or K chemical fertilizers.

Description: Kikuyu Whittet is a very good turf / lawn grass widely used throughout Southern Africa.